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Student Research Fellow/ Officers

There are the following category of fellows/officers (​common for both the NGOs: The Corporate House and We, the Humans)

1) Student Leadership Fellow

  • High-performing students who would be involved in the exercise of brainstorming ideas and finding efficient and effective solutions

2) Student Research Fellow

  • High- performing students working on their own project for a mutually agreed tenure, with guidance and support

  • Also called Grade-A Research Assistants

3) Student Teaching Fellow

  • High-performing students demonstrating an ability and interest to teach or assist with teaching  

4) Student Tech Fellow

  • A student well-equipped to assist with technology-related work such as website development and purchase of necessary softwares

​5) Public Relations Officer

  • Students assisting with tasks such as preparing press-releases, collecting media contacts and managing social media accounts​

6) Sponsorship Officer 

  • Students assisting with reaching out people for raising funds under guidance

  • Generally, the students who have worked with us before and have earned significant amount of goodwill and faith are offered this position

Click here to check out our present and past fellows.

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