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(Guest) Mentors & Experts

We believe in collaborative research.   

In the past, we had guidance and mentorship of the following experts with respect to our research endeavours. 

In relation to our research note (in the area of investment law & human rights)

submitted in response to open call for consultations by a UN body, experts working or having studied at:


  • South Asian University (India) 

  • University of Columbia (US) 

  • Stockholm University  (Sweden)

  • University of Harvard (US) 

  • University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa) 

  • SOAS University of London (UK) 

  • Doughty Street Chambers (UK)

  • University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)

In relation to our research on an education related subject (these grant-winning experts assisted either by sharing their research proposal for the grants we were working towards or by scheduling a mentorship meeting), experts working at: 

  • Montclair State University (US) 

  • Pacific University (US) 

  • Virginia Commonwealth University (US) 

  • Grogan Margaret (US) 

  • University of Missouri-Kansas City (US) 

 In relation to a write-up revolving around the recent global taxation deal seeking to impose a minimum taxation requirement whereby we analyse the deal from the perspective of the viability of its practical implementation, including proper environment and labour law standards, experts working at the following institutions:

  • OP Jindal Global University (India)

  • Trilegal (India) (from Alumnus of New York University (US) having pursued his LL.M. in International Taxation) 

  • PwC (New York, US) (from Alumnus of New York University (USA) having pursued his LL.M. in International Taxation) 

Kindly note: all the views expressed in the research work by our student authors are personal and they do not reflect the opinion of the experts who have pro-bono offered us their perspective based on their experience or that of the entity they work at or have studied at.   

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