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In light of the objective of the NGO being to work for the promotion of human rights and social welfare, we organise sophisticated yet simply delivered courses in the field of legal theory, jurisprudence and public law (such as gender and law, human rights law, constitution, refugee law, environmental law and sustainability, disability rights law, among others).  

This idea comes in the backdrop of the reality that in India, while corporate law courses become the emphasis of offerings by various organizations and educational institutions, theoretical and public law courses of high quality are not organised as widely.  

Therefore, we invite the most promising or prominent persons in their field to deliver their carefully crafted courses offering online learning (7-14 hours per course).  

Our contribution to the discourse on human rights law and public law does not stop at that. We even encourage courses which are interdisciplinary in nature and can cater to student audience hailing from variety of streams or academic backgrounds. 

Kindly check this page regularly (or subscribe to our website) for receiving timely updates about our upcoming courses.

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