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Teaching Fellows

Area of Law

Public law (such as constitutional law, human rights law, environmental law, law relating to women's rights, human rights and business law, among other areas) 

Work Description

To assist the guest faculty with the coursework services of the trust, such as by delivering a few lectures, assisting with preparation of lectures (recommended for those who wish to explore an academic career, apply for master’s abroad or those who generally appreciate teaching/mentoring).


10-12 hours per month


3-6 months


Current law students (preferably in 3rd/4th/5th year)/fresh graduates

Indicative Criteria

  • Top 10% of the class in terms of academic performance (in case of exceptional track record in the area of research, this can be waived)

  • Good academic performance in class Xth and XIIth

  • Good publication or mooting activities track record

  • Good communication and presentation skills

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