About Us

We, the Humans® is a public/charitable trust registered in 2021 and working on its projects since 2020.

Its objective is to facilitate research and understanding in the field of public law (including but not limited to constitutional law, procedural laws, human rights law, laws relating to provision for education and laws relating to women & children welfare) besides, we are equally keen on taking up initiatives, law-related or otherwise, for the betterment of society. Therefore, while our efforts are focused at any given point in time, our vision is all-encompassing and versatile.

We strive towards our goals through the following endeavours:

  • Well-researched and meticulously designed public law courses, offered by the most prominent experts, be it from India or abroad

  • Research projects

  • Publications by team members

  • Interviews with eminent personalities, including law and policymakers, bureaucrats

  • Research-based events such as conferences, seminars, competitions for students and professionals among other activities

  • Training sessions, workshops and awareness generation projects for students and professionals


These endeavours would be undertaken through the contribution from and/or guidance of:

  • Our pro-bono guest speakers/mentors who are always one of the most eminent ones in their field

  • Ms Priya Garg (Trustee)

  • Our student research assistants, fellows and interns

  • Our consultants

  • Our sponsors, donors 

  • Our supporters in any other form such as through tie-up for our events

You can be associated with us by:

  • Participating in our courses, events, training sessions, workshops and competitions

  • Availing our charitable services such as scholarships

  • Joining our team as a guest lecturer (only for professionals)

  • Joining our team as a guest mentor (only for professionals)

  • Joining our team as a part-time consultant (only for professionals)

  • Joining our team as a student research assistant, fellow or intern

  • Contributing as a donor or sponsor

  • Being a subscriber/visitor to our Webpage and YouTube channel

For further details, kindly CONTACT US by sending an email.