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The Humans

An Overview

Founded by Ms Priya Garg (Oxford, NLU-Gold Medallist alumna), we are one of the rarer non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which has the dual objective of taking up projects and charitable endeavours that benefit society and honing the students who commit to work for us as leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. 

When it comes to taking mentorship, we associate ourselves with the most eminent experts in their field, be it from India or abroad. 

Interacting with experts who are working at or alumni from the prestigious universities especially in the US and the UK is a crucial part of our working. 

Our Work

We invite experts to deliver their carefully crafted and well-researched courses in the area of public law. We organise training programmes and awareness sessions, including the pan-India legal awareness programme. 

Our team of high-calibre students research and write on legal issues of contemporary relevance. In this endeavour, they take assistance from experts located in India and abroad from time to time. In addition, we organise events, the theme for which is selected after much research and in which specific questions are asked from eminent personalities in their fields, based on the ambiguities found during our research; therefore, we call them "events backed by research". 

OurTeam, Our Pride 

Our Team members, our strength, pride and source of motivation to push ourselves harder every time, comprise of high-caliber students having positive outlook towards life. The students come from various backgrounds and streams and the guidance and support from Indian and international professionals/experts in various fields complement the students' work and efforts from time to time and in various capacities. 


In the past, the law students for both our NGOs have hailed from (in no particular order): OP Jindal Global University, NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS, NLIU, NLU-Delhi, NLU-Jodhpur, RMLNLU, HNLU, GNLU, IP University, NMIMS, RGNUL, AMU, Jamia Milia Islamia, Christ University, NUALS-Kochi, NLU-Odisha, CLC-Delhi, GLC-Mumbai, NLU-Assam and Symbiosis.    

The experts who guided our student team members even prior to our formal registration have been from JGLS (India), Trilegal (India), University of Columbia (USA), South Asian University (India), University of Stockholm (Sweden), Doughy Street Chambers (UK),  PwC (New York, USA), among other reputed entities. 


Mr Atharva Patwardhan, NLSIU, Researcher-Admission Related Issue in NLUs (2021).jpeg

Mr Atharva Patvardhan
NLSIU: National Law University, Bengaluru
Research Assistant (RA)

The research assistantship has given me the opportunity to learn much more about human rights than I would be have been able to in a traditional class room setting. The varying topics and diverse aspects I researched under the tutelage of Prof Priya have inculcating multiple skills in me in a short span of time. All my doubts were answered, my requests were accommodated, and timelines were kept comfortable and reasonable to prevent any exertion despite multi-tasking. While assigning research projects, care was paid towards ensuring that I get an enriching opportunity to acquire knowledge while making a meaningful contribution to the organization.

This was also a unique opportunity to work with talented students from various institutions.


The conduct of everyone throughout my time working was professional, respectful, warm and supportive at all times. The guidance received was unmatched.


This overall provided me a rewarding experience. This has been an excellent research assistantship experience, and I recommend the organization to one and all.

Ms Navya Bhayana, NUJS-Kolkata black and white.jpg

Ms Navya Bhayana
NUJS: National Law University, Kolkata
Student Research Fellow/
Former RA 

My experience of working under the guidance of Prof. Garg has been nothing but exceptional. Throughout the course of my Research Assistantship, I have not only significantly improved my research and critical thinking skills to thereby improve my writing, but have also acquired better organisational and time management skills.


I have been able to implement my learnings from the RA-ship to other pursuits that I undertake as well and deliver a tangibly better performance. Prog. Garg has always been receptive to new ideas and has provided me with excellent opportunities to explore my interests. The productive yet warm working environment under Prof. Garg has allowed me space to grow in a healthy manner.


I would recommend working under Prof. Garg to anyone who is looking to improve on their legal writing skills along with other soft skills that would be greatly helpful in a professional working environment.

Mr Divyanshu Sharma, NLU-Delhi black and white.jpg

Mr Divyanshu Sharma
NLUD: National Law University, Delhi
Student Leadership Fellow/Former RA 

The RAship has been a confidence boosting and learning opportunity for me.


I was given the opportunity to join the RAship in my second year and I was then the youngest member of the team. Being someone who knew very little about corporate law, I was given an extraordinary opportunity, to not only learn the law, but to interact with peers who were highly successful in their fields.


With constant guidance and motivation from Ms Priya Garg, I was transformed from a short-sighted student with limited knowledge to someone who had learnt to ask “why” in reference to every law. Through the personal interaction and professional guidance from Ma’am, I was motivated to broaden my horizons by engaging myself in practices like writing blogs, making presentations and engaging myself in discussions with my peers. This RAship not only provided me with the forum to broaden my horizons in the field of corporate law, but also did it teach me the essential skill of asking questions and looking for their answers.


Thereafter, I was selected as a Leadership Fellow: an opportunity I felt honored to receive as I was one of 6-8 students out of close to 80 student RAs who worked for Ma’am. As a Leadership Fellow, I get to give my inputs on crucial aspects of running of the organization. This is another great exposure I have gotten.

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